Having a cold one in Cape Town

Cape Town is well known for its wine, wine estates and the iconic Route 62, the world’s longest wine route. The Western Cape has attracted travelers from far and beyond to its lands just for wine. This place produces arguably the world’s finest wines. But what about beer? I love the stuff and I know a lot of other people do too. Though there aren’t many tourist attractions based on beer as much as there are attractions based on wine in Cape Town, there are establishments in and around the city that serve quality beer with amazing views. With beer on my mind and money in my pocket, I set out to random locations to order a cold one from the bartender.

Brass Bell: Restaurant and Pubs – Kalk Bay

The tide rolls in from the ocean and hits the tidal pool. Very relaxing!
The tide rolls in from the ocean and hits the tidal pool. Very relaxing!

Brass Bell has the finest beers on tap; Carling Black Label (multi-award winning beer), Castle and Castle Lite (South Africa’s real diamonds), and imported beer, for instance Peroni. All these beers are available at the many different bars within the establishment. I didn’t understand it at first but I realised on a hot day, it all makes sense.  There are benches on the outside and there are two indoor levels; ground and upper level. The best part about this establishment, is the tidal pool. Ya, a pool “in the ocean” and when you are done being cooled off by the ocean, you may take a seat on one of the benches and have a cold one. Not keen on swimming? Not a problem, go inside and take a seat. You have a couple of locations to choose from, all set up for dining and having a beer. Located in Kalk Bay (Kalk Bay Train Station to be more specific), it’s a destination you have to make.

Newlands Brewery – Newlands

Charles Glass himself. I am truly honoured, sir.
Charles Glass himself. I am truly honoured, sir.

Home of South African Breweries (SAB), Newlands Brewery is the hub of beer for the entire Western Cape. Oddly situated next to Newlands Stadium and Sahara Park, this establishment is where all the magic happens. Established over 100 years ago, this brewery offers a beer tour where you get to see how it all comes together. The most informative tour I have ever taken. Don’t be surprised. It’s on a topic I love, beer. There are some surprising statistics they tell you on the tour and for obvious reasons, I would rather have you take the tour than me spoiling it for you. I’ll tell you this, those massive trucks you see on Main Road that transport hundreds of crates of beer, they take approximately 20 minutes to offload and to load up again. Ya! An episode of your favourite comedy was the time it took for a truck to be emptied and topped up again. You want to know more about beer? Head to Newlands Brewery and get educated.

The Scrumpy Jack – Observatory

Nothing like a tall, cold glass of beer at the end of the week.
Nothing like a tall, cold glass of beer at the end of the week.

“Scrumpy’s” serves one litre beers. Music to my ears! Though they serve selected brands, one litre of beer is the best way to end the week. If you are feeling adventurous, they have a Beer Challenge and the challenge is to see how many litres of beer an individual can take. Minimum was three but too many could hit that number. So it went up to 4. The record stands at 16 litres of beer. If you are ever in Observatory, find Scrumpy’s and take up the challenge. It is a MUST DO when you’re in Cape Town. Scrumpy’s has one of the best atmospheres for watching sports especially finals. If your team wins, you celebrate. If your team loses, you drown your sorrows. I will be honest, I have drowned more times than I have celebrated. Seems like I need to change teams. Either way, who doesn’t like a TALL, cold glass of beer?

Devil’s Peak Brewing Company – Salt River

Devil's Peak Brewing Company is one of the finest craft beer establishments in the southern suburbs.
Devil’s Peak Brewing Company is one of the finest craft beer establishments in the southern suburbs.

Perfectly situated in Salt River, just off Main Road, this establishment is home to a lot of craft beer lovers. Enter The Taproom, find a seat, order a beer and relax. Look out one window and you have Devil’s Peak staring down at you with Table Mountain and Lion’s Head glancing an envious eye. Look out another window and you can see the Atlantic Ocean with the ship yard nestling against the ocean, and the city sandwiching itself between you and the Atlantic. There are a wide range of craft beers served here and I know a lot of people like ales. I know I do. This establishment serves the finest craft beers in the southern suburbs and they brew beer as well. Don’t be afraid to ask, don’t be afraid to learn, this is one of the best drinking spots in the southern suburbs.

Beerhouse – Long Street

99 bottles of beer to choose from, 24 on tap & it's in the city. Love it!
99 bottles of beer to choose from, 24 on tap & it’s in the city. Love it!

Located in the infamous Long Street, this place is the finest establishment in the city. It has 99 different bottles of beer. 99! I know what you are thinking; I should have gone there for 99 consecutive days and on each day, I should have tried a new beer. I would have but life has a way of being a killjoy. A chilled environment during the day and vibrant at night, this establishment is a heaven for beer drinkers. With beers from all over the world you have to come here and have a beer. You have to! Follow them on social media and on certain days, you could get yourself a free beer. Free beer! Just take a moment to think about that.

V&A Waterfront

I choose to say the entire place because there are multiple establishments that serve a good beer with an added value of a view; Cape Town with Table Mountain in the background or the Atlantic Ocean. Mitchells Scottish Ale House and Ferrymans Tavern are pubs that stick out the most and if you are from the UK, you will feel right at home here. Restaurants on the upper level of the V&A give you marvelous views of the city with Table Mountain nestled behind it. On the Atlantic Ocean side of the Waterfront, Primi Piatti is the place to have a drink because of the mesmerising views and it seems to be an ideal place for a date. Watching the sun set over Cape Town Stadium is beautiful (it’s my favourite stadium). The V&A Waterfront will give you spectacular views whilst having a beer.

Camps Bay

The view! I look out to the ocean and see the waves forming, then I follow them as they roll into the beach in their systematic manner. It’s hypnotic! The sound of the waves as they resonate in the air pulls me deeper into its hypnosis. There are people on the beach enjoying the sun, playing touch rugby or jogging. It’s beautiful. There are many places where you can have a beer. I prefer the upper level places because of the traffic. The vehicles get into the way of the ocean’s beauty. My spot is Phuket: Thai Food Restaurant. I used to work in Hout Bay and I would occasionally make a pit stop and have a beer there after a long day at work. Having a beer and looking out to the horizon whilst the sun sets for the day, is the perfect way to end the day.

I will be honest, Cape Town has spectacular views. Amazing view with a beer in my hand, my day is made. Looking out to the ocean is beautiful. It creates a sense of peace and tranquillity in me and I love this city for that. With a beer, I get lost in the views especially after the first sip. The added feeling that a great tasting beer gives, creates bliss and Cape Town has many establishments that serve quality beer with a breath taking view. Cape Town is the best city I have ever had a beer in.

If you know of other great places to have a beer, leave your suggestion in the comments below. I would like to know and I am keen on trying it.


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