Zimbabwe’s Independence Day: Harare in 36

Today, the 18th of April 2016, is Zimbabwe’s Independence Day. The 36th to be exact! On this day, 36 years ago, Zimbabwe gained its independence and from then on, Southern Rhodesia has now become the Zimbabwe that we have grown to know and love. Zimbabwe’s Independence Day will be celebrated all over the world as Zimbabweans are known to be found in all corners of the globe. Today, I hope you all have a great day, wherever you are.

Harare, previously known as Salisbury, is the capital city of Zimbabwe. A marvelous city that is on the rise to be a global city in the next few years, Harare is my home city. With Harare being the largest city in Zimbabwe, it has a lot of attractions that many know and may not know. Though development of the CBD has been slow, Harare has stretched its limits as Zimbabweans continue to thrive and build this city towards the global city it aspires to be.

Earlier in the year, I tranced around, skipped along and got lost in Harare to give you Harare in Pictures Part I. Today, with it being Zimbabwe’s Independence Day, I have run around, got caught in the rain, and dodged cars to give you Harare in Pictures Part II – Harare in 36. Since Zimbabwe is 36 today, I will showcase Harare in 36 pictures.Β On Instagram (follow meΒ @ChroniclesOfTendai) I post a picture of a quirky and unique feature of Harare on a weekly basis.

Happy Independence Day to my fellow Zimbabweans – in Harare, Zimbabwe or wherever you are in the world. Have an awesome day!

Here is Harare in 36 (scroll down after you see the pictures):

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you follow the sequence of photos you will find that I have mapped out your visit to my city:

  • starting with your arrival at Harare International Airport
  • travel into Harare
  • see the sights. If you grew up in Harare, nostalgia will kick in as you see what has changed
  • on a rainy day in Harare, you may go shopping
  • on a beautiful day, take a walk and enjoy the day whilst appreciating Harare. There is something for the kids as well.
  • when you leave, may you travel to another local city by road, railway or take a domestic flight

Happy Independence Day, Zimbabwe!



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