2017 The Year I Travel

It feels great to be writing again! According to the stats, it’s been 5 months since I last posted a blog. Which is a massive pity! Everyday I have blogging on my mind but I never got round to it. I had brainstormed for content, ideas on things to do, I had a plan but alas, I never sat down and actually wrote. It’s only right I keep it real as I owe that to myself and to my blog.

2016, I envisioned myself as one of the top travel bloggers in Zimbabwe. Whilst that was the goal, I also saw myself as one of the top travel Igers in Zimbabwe as well. I had a plan, mapped it out beautifully and started off well. I stumbled a bit but when I got back on it, things were booming. A lot changed in 2016 and I failed to adapt majority of the time. As the year went on, I really lost the plot as the changes were too much. It’s life! That’s what happens. Time continues to tick and it won’t stop for anyone. So I lost sight of my goals! Looking back at 2016, it was one of the worst years of my life. Though there was light in my life, the darkness crept in and eventually consumed me.

Let me have a moment. Last year was a roller coaster of epic proportions and till today, it’s difficult to fathom what happened. And I’m one of those people that struggles with sharing so you can imagine “the darkness” that I’m talking about. My birthday month was rocked with heartache, pain and loss. So much of it that I became numb! Things weren’t going to plan, learning that being grown up means shit is real and most importantly, nothing is what it seems. I made one too many hospital visits for my liking and it got me thinking about the one hospital visit I could never make. In all this darkness there was light but when the darkness consumes you, you find yourself turning off the light so that you can let the darkness take you. Then you become a “villain”? I find that funny considering people call themselves your friends but when you need them to be, they aren’t there. Reminds me of what the Joker said, “You see their morals, their code, it’s a bad joke. Dropped at the first sign of trouble. They’re only as good as the world allows them to be”. And I’m the bad guy? But I ain’t mad at cha! I understand now. 2016 wasn’t all doom and gloom – I was in an amazing relationship. One of those that was destined for great things. Black-ish, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and The Cosby Show would have had nothing on us. The light that always guided me home but unfortunately I fucked up the vision. I got a new job and got my career going. It’s really demanding and it has taken majority of my time, in which, I compromised a lot of my other life and I lost more than I should have including my blog. But I enjoy the craziness of it. It keeps me on my toes and I haven’t felt like this since PDTM in 2012 at UCT. Thanks Tino!

But I’m back! That’s what matters. I got some light back in my life and I’m grateful it’s here – calling it a saving grace if you will. 2017 will be the continuation of the goals I had set many months ago. I believe again! It will be a massive challenge but it’s something that I will need to do. I need this! And I need you to continue reading. I truly appreciate you and seeing your comments (for the first time and some I’m seeing again) reminded me as to why I started this. I want to tell you more about my place of birth, my country of origin. Away from the politics, away from what you read in the newspapers and online, away from what is bringing down this beautiful landscape, away from the bullshit. I want to tell you about Zimbabwe and my chronicles.

So my time as a villain is over! I have hung up my.. uummm… what do villains wear? It can’t be a cape! Anyway, my goal still remains and I shall work towards it. The darkness will forever be a part of me. I’m not changing that but what I will do is channel it into good. Building up those around me, supporting people’s hustle and at the same time, trying to raise myself up. And somehow, someway, raising this country up.

In February, my birthday month, I’ve challenged myself to a 28 day pic challenge. That’s my gift to you – each day I shall post a pic of my chronicles. The main focus will be Harare and not how I can put salt on my food. It sounds easy but it wouldn’t be a challenge if it was easy. The hard part is not taking pics I’ve already taken before – Harare in Pictures and Harare in 36. The challenge will feature on Instagram and I’ll post a blog about it in March. Throughout the year, I will blog more, I will travel more, and I will post more about it on Instagram. December I’m thinking of travelling to Namibia – #TendaiInNam. That’s my aim!

Thank you for reading my blog. I promise you more and I will do right by you and by my blog. I will occasionally feature on Afrikan Mbiu (travel related), BTG Lifestyle (TV and movie related) and Fazie’s blog (matters of the heart.. I guess). Let’s have an awesome 2017!


4 thoughts on “2017 The Year I Travel

  1. Finally my gosh took you long enough.. i really missed reading your blog.. i am soo excited. I will be your biggest supporter😆

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