28 at 28: Taking A Picture A Day Throughout February

2017 is the year I turned 28 and my month of birth – February. The date – the first! So this year, as a gift to you, and as a challenge to myself, I took a picture a day for 28 days for the month of February. It does seem easy but it really isn’t considering that not a single picture was a selfie or one of my pet or of my cooking. All pictures were posted on Instagram then shared on Twitter and Facebook. It was quite the journey and I want to thank you for coming with me on the journey.

Throughout February, the most important thing was being able to post the pictures when I took them. So 28 at 28 was made possible by OneFusion. The all-one-package that gave me talktime, SMS, data and my social media (Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp). All that was covered for 30 days. Knowing that power cuts were possible, being  online was paramount as there were times I was uploading images at 23h47. OneFusion came through for me at times when there was no electricity and more importantly, when I was on the move. OneFusion came through for me in the clutch!

The journey had a lot of walking! You may know I walk a lot and use public transport regularly. This made Converse my carriers throughout the journey. I have 3 pairs and they each played a role in 28 at 28! I love All-Stars and I wish I could collect them all – my ultimate travel buddies.

28 at 28 was a journey of my everyday life which was spoken through Harare – The Sunshine City. It was important I managed to capture images of the city that you had not seen before. Having done Harare in 36 (36 images of Harare for Zimbabwe’s 36th year of independence), I actually was nervous as I had to find a new image on the day. What I enjoyed about 28 at 28 was taking the time to appreciate the day and making the most of it. I began noticing the little things and appreciating a lot, and I learnt from all the encounters I had. Each picture with a story behind it, I loved every moment of it.

Like all journeys, there were highs and lows, fun times and the struggle. Nonetheless, it was quite the adventure and I had fun partaking in 28 at 28. I wish you were there with me, like you were before. I know you would have loved it too and contributed in your own way.

Here is 28 at 28:

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