Harare Hosts a Spectacle

The Harare Agricultural Show is a marquee event in Zimbabwe. Attended by hundreds of thousands every year, this event is popular in Harare and is one of the events you must experience for yourself. A week long event where businesses showcase their products and services to the public. The highlight of Harare’s events calendar, this year’s event proved to be a spectacle.

The Harare Agricultural Show opens Zimbabwe’s summer. It happens every year during the school holidays allowing for children to attend and have a great experience in the capital. For the adults, it’s about networking, learning about Zimbabwe’s top companies and the freebies. Yes, we all like free stuff and a lot of stands had a wide variety of stuff to giveaway.

The children had the most fun. It was evident by how there were more children than there were adults. With an amusement park at the back, the children were in full delight as they had the opportunity to enjoy their school break. A lot of holiday assignments will be similar in the first week of the third term, so teachers need to be accommodating. An ocean of children covered in smiles and face paint ran through the stands fuelled by excitement. Parents gave in and let the children have the fun they deserved. Ice cream vendors were constantly crowded by children as the summer sun required the children to cool themselves. From the parents’ faces, that was their break.

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 9.24.20 AM

A lot of the stands were informative as much as they provided entertainment. There were multiple opportunities for people to learn about a company and the products and services that they provide. Many stands were crowded, drawing attention to the company’s product or initiative. Some stands were looking to donate to charities by having people fill the dome with seed. Other stands let people use the product or service giving an appreciation to what the company does. The one stand had a miniature train track and people got to ride the train. That was aimed more at children. There was something for everyone that attended. The Harare Agricultural Show gave companies the opportunity to showcase their products and services, and in turn, it gave the public the chance to learn more about a product or a service.

The Harare Agricultural Show is a popular event for all those that have grown up in the capital. Internationally recognised by foreign investors, the Show saw over 250 000 people walk through its gates this year. The event signifies summer is here in Harare and the children have a bucket load of fun. The spectacle may be over for 2017 but 2018 will be another great year for the event. For all those that stocked up on freebies, the most notable freebie will be the unforgettable memories created at the Harare Agricultural Show.

Look out for #30DayAfriBlogger on your social media platforms. It’s a 30 day blogging challenge that I will be participating in. I look forward to you reading my chronicles and of those participating in the challenge in September.


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