This is for My People

We all have a home or a place we come from. To add onto that, we have a group of people that we identify with. Should you ever be separated from them, you can always find each other by having certain qualities or names that are specific from where you are from. Like in Game of Thrones, people belonged to a house or family. Well, my house is everywhere and we are easily identifiable. From a landlocked country I’m sure you have befriended a few.


Zimbabweans are known the world over to be polite. We greet you with a smile and take interest in what you have to say. In most cases, we will converse with you and teach you a thing or two. We may even learn your language to allow us to relate to you even more. And we are an understanding bunch of people.

Our language

If it’s not our warm smile or well-mannered behaviour, it is definitely our mother tongue being spoken in your vicinity. Ah yes! Shona can be heard in the deepest parts of a foreign country where you would think no Zimbabwean would travel to. We’re polite and very understanding but our language is our heritage.

Sneakers and shoes

There is something about shoes that gets Zimbabweans excited. A guy with a quality sneaker game, there is a high possibility he is Zimbabwean. Plus the sneakers never look like they left the box even though he has got them on. For the women, shoes are elegant and trendy. Like an oasis in the desert, women’s shoes are a vision of beauty in any setting.

The women love sushi

I was first introduced to the cuisine by a Zimbabwean woman. The idea of eating raw fish was never an option for me. Not a fan of fish, even worse when it’s raw. But the women love it! Sushi is fitting for any occasion. It may not be for all women but the food type is actually worth the hype. Take a Zimbabwean out for sushi.

Men won’t turn down a braai/barbeque

Summer consists of a braai every weekend. As hard as it may be to believe, there is a braai hosted every weekend and the key to a good braai – variety of meat. A half cut drum, open fire with a grill and the addictive smell of the meat on the braai… Heaven! And yes, on a remotely sunny day in winter, a braai will be hosted. As you read this, there are two braai invitations in my messages.

High school is important

The sense of belonging stems from people’s high schools. A topic that never dies when Zimbabweans get together. It’s an immediate ice breaker for any situation and the “back in the day” conversations kick in. A person’s history stems from their high school and so do their friends.  Should enough of them come together and the drinks are flowing, they could break out in song from their high school.

We are proudly Zimbabwean and we would like for you to get to know us.



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