The Retirement Plan – Having My Feet Up

Retirement is something that seems so far away but as each minute ticks by, we’re one step closer to that phase in our lives. Being in the longest phase of my life, it’s hard to imagine what my retirement plan is. But at some point, retirement will be an option. Growing up, retirement wasn’t really on my mind. Honestly, I saw that bridge in the distance and I didn’t think of crossing it any time soon. But at some point in time, I had to address the issue so here goes – what should I look at with regards to retirement?


Looking at my parents’ lives and their time as adults, I learnt without being taught. I have had to open my eyes and continuously listen to everything that was happening around me. As a child, that may seem impossible but my memories of events, trips and visits are what I learnt from. My grandparents lived in the rural areas. Urbanisation was fast becoming a thing back in their generation but home was always home.

It was difficult to understand when growing up why I always had to go to rural areas to see my grandparents. I loved the journey, not the destination. Looking back at it, I should have loved the destination as opposed to the journey. So for me, location is important. Ideally, I would love to retire in Cape Town. The love for The Mother City is strong and I see myself being there with my feet up and watching the waves crash on the rocks.


Driving along Harare Drive and driving through Borrowdale Brooke leaves me in awe. Zimbabweans have money and it’s jaw dropping how people are making it. It’s great to look at but are they living in a home? We all have our own definitions of home but for me, home is like love – hard to describe but easy to break. Having been in South Africa for majority of my adulthood I was surprised by the living conditions of the townships. People living in shacks or RDP homes in the townships. I always wondered why people never moved out. Their children have high earning jobs or the children are doing well in the city so why not move? It made sense – they were home.

It’s important that I build a home. Like my parents and their parents, it has to be a place where my kids will always want to visit and in some cases, stay. Spend the weekend or even take holidays there. The American culture of “going to my parents’ for the holidays” is more than just a great rom com or funny comedy. They go home! So building a massive house is great but if my children don’t visit or consider a Skype call as enough, then it’s not a home.

Feet up

I just want to put my feet up! But knowing me and my inability to do nothing, my feet will be up with a laptop as I will be writing stories for movies. That’s the retirement plan – writing stories to be made into movies. Script writing needs a little more time but I know if I can create the story, I can always sell it to script writers and they can bring my crazy stories to life. Not really sure what genre I would like to write and feature for but I have a lot of plans to be involved in the industry. Not acting! My face ain’t for TV but it’s definitely for being the man in a closed room, writing stories for people to hear and see.

I don’t know how many years left until I retire. Retirement wasn’t in my mind. I feel like I’m still young and I have a lot to do, a lot to build and a lot to self-discovery to embark on. Honestly, I could retire now and pursue the retirement plan. Should you ever hear of a movie called feet up, just know it was written for me.


2 thoughts on “The Retirement Plan – Having My Feet Up

  1. This was beautifully written, I could picture Cape Town in my head! You are right, home is where the heart is and if the children are not coming home, is it really a home?

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