Chibuku – Zimbabwe’s Top Event Organiser

Events are a bucket load of fun. Each with their own themes, unique feel and atmosphere, events give us memorable experiences. From music to sporting, from cultural to glamorous, there is an event for everyone hosted. Global, local and even in the backyard, a great event will always leave you with lasting impressions.

As much as there are events that make the global stage, get international recognition and create #s that trend throughout the event, I would like to pick out the events Chibuku has been hosting in Zimbabawe. Chibuku is a traditional beer that is the most loved alcoholic beverage in Zimbabwe as it has been shared for generations upon generations. The thing I admire about Chibuku events is how they bring events to the people. Small towns get to experience an event in their town and share Chibuku with their friends and family.

With a lot of major events being hosted in the major cities, Chibuku takes events to small towns giving the town an opportunity to have fun and create memories. The events are free allowing for men and women, over the age of 18, to be the audience in a spectacle in their town. No # trends, the events do not get global recognition but the memories created last forever.

Chibuku Neshamwari Traditional Dance Festival

This is the biggest traditional dance festival in the country. Hosted in towns around Zimbabwe, teams sign up and perform at the provincial finals in the province’s capital. The winner wins a cash prize and a slot at the national final that is held in Bulawayo. And for the audience, there are instant prizes to be won with challenges that are hosted on the stage. The crowd get involved, the town comes alive and the event becomes a spectacle.

Chibuku Road To Fame

The event is Zimbabwe’s stage for outstanding talent. Bands sign up to rock the stage and mesmerise the crowd as they look for a ticket to the national finals – the road to Glamis. Towns around the country host the provincial finals bringing the town to a standstill, as the atmosphere fills with the talent of their local friends and family. The audience partake in the provincial finals by taking on challenges and walking away instant winners.

Chibuku Super Cup

Soccer is the major sport in Zimbabwe and Chibuku sponsors the knockout tournament for the local league. The tournament happens over 2 months and teams around the league play to be the champion. Knockout football is exciting as the teams have one chance to advance to glory. The fans come together and support their teams throughout the tournament. The stands are a sea of colour and the air is filled with the passion of the screaming fans. The journey to the final isn’t an eleven man effort, it’s a thousand man march.

Visit Zimbabwe and take the time to attend to a Chibuku event. Their events run from early winter to the middle of summer and each weekend, the hosting towns light up and marvel its people. The events may seem small and not so popular, but the joy they bring to local Zimbabweans, they are colossal in my eyes.



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