My Mixtape to You

Don’t you miss the days when you used to make a mixtape or listen to one? Playlists aren’t the same. They are not as powerful as they should be because you can make a playlist of up to 1 000 songs. Not much thought is put into a playlist. A mixtape was pure and it was deep. Cassettes or records had limited space so when you put your songs together, you really had to make sure they got the message across. And the great thing about the mixtape is you could put their name on it, meaning the selected songs were for them. If you gave someone a mixtape and they didn’t call you their boyfriend/girlfriend, then they didn’t deserve.

What would be on my mixtape when I’m in the feels?

Justin Timberlake – Until the end of time

Oh man! This is my top jam and I really think this was JT at his best. What made this song hit me hard in my feels is how it started then he hits, “There’s so much darkness in the world (I’m a dark person), but I see beauty in you girl”

Destiny’s Child – Dangerously in love

I could shed a tear!

J Cole – Dreams

This song is deep! Cole is one of my favourite artists and when you dropped this track, it really had me thinking about her. And I’ve done a lot of the things he’s rapped about in this song. Lol! Except the last bit. I’ve never done that! (I had to put the disclaimer)

Eminem – Drug Ballad

This is the strangest love song but you need to hear him (work with me). He may be talking about drugs and getting high, but imagine being in love with someone so much, you get high of them. Imagine.

Yuna ft Usher – Crush

This is relatively new but if you’re deep in your feels for someone, you’ll always have a crush on them. It’s so chilled and powerful. With Usher on the mic, you know it will touch your emotions.

Seal – Kiss from a rose

I first heard this song on the soundtrack for Batman Forever and it’s one of the first songs I learnt the lyrics for. Karaoke night – this is my jam!

Ma’friq – Ndizvo chete

I’m not big in local music but this song really hit home. Having had a crush at the time, this song really spoke volumes and still does today. It’s one of my all-time favourite local tracks.

Des’ree – Kissing you

The soundtrack of Romeo + Juliet (1996) used this song and that’s when I first heard it. As a kid, it didn’t mean much to me but looking back at the song, reminiscing about the scene and the movie, it always hits me hard.

Westlife – Flying without wings

The lyrical content of the Irish boy band really has a special place in my feels. They never say it but you know what they are saying. And if you let the lyrics touch you, you’ll be flying without wings.

I wrote this whilst listening to the songs..




5 thoughts on “My Mixtape to You

    1. It has a really deep meaning which you gotta break down. The way I took it, he was pretty much calling his bae “a rose in a field of grey”, diamond in the rough, needle in the haystack. That type of vibe. One of a kind!

  1. First of all, why would you start by listing Justin Timberlake? I was already in my feelings before I had even begun 😭😭 Great piece 😊

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