My Relationship Status – Unavailable

Religion – what does it mean to me? Well, I am unavailable to religion and in my current state of mind, I don’t find myself following a religious way of being. When the topic comes up, I always make a joke before I slide out of the conversation. I never bring it up and neither do I stick around to finish the conversation.

I respect people’s beliefs and I am in no position to bring down what people choose to believe. I try educate myself on the various religions so that I can better understand my fellow man. There is a lot of beauty in religion and the history of the practices. The great pilgrimage of one religion, fasting and so forth, are practices done by some religions and it’s a beautiful thing to see. Stay true to your faith.

People should believe in something. There are some things in life that cannot be explained or that are difficult to comprehend, for instance life after death. As curious as humanity is, there are things that happen on earth which need explanation and the explanation cannot be given by men that thumb suck.

My knock on religion is people that use it to manipulate other people. As you may have seen, churches have made the press for the wrong reasons. Scandals after scandals and it hurts my soul knowing that a human is doing this to another human. Religious beliefs aside, no man should be allowed to manipulate their fellow man for their personal gain and use religion as a reason.

As much as people would like to believe in a religion, the preachers of the religion have an obligation to honour the practices of their religion as set by their religious books. They cannot take what was written thousands of years ago and cater it to better their personal gain. And I wish people could see the acts of their religious leaders and not stand for it.

With a lot of suffering and pain happening in the world, and religion being seen as a safe haven, it hurts even more seeing the headlines of what is happening in the church. In some countries, religion has turned into a business. Not only are people being manipulated into doing inhumane things, they are also giving up their earnings to the church. And with those earnings, the church leaders are improving their lives. $1 000 to secure a seat in your church? Is this the Super Bowl?

I am unavailable to religion. It’s a relationship I don’t see myself committing to. I choose not to believe in the practices and I am happy having the state of mind that I currently have. It does get annoying when people of religious beliefs try and enforce their beliefs on me or interrogate me as to why I am not part of their religion. Coming to my gate with members of your church won’t change my mind and when I respectfully decline, please respect my decision. It does not mean the next member can try. A prettier face or a well polished shoe won’t miraculously make me change my mind. If I am to have a religious, I want to be part of the religion for the right reasons and not because my hand was forced or she smiled at me from across the room.

Religion is not for all of us. I believe in choice. Everyone has a choice and people should exercise their right to choose. You should never think you don’t have a choice. You always do! And in life, you should make the choices that are best for you. The basis or influence of your choice is on you – religion, current state of mind, selflessness – it’s all up to you. I believe you should live your best life and should anyone try take that away from you, distance yourself. We all deserve to be happy in our beliefs.


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