The Blacker The Berry?

Colourism is defined as (to my understanding) people being treated differently based on the tone of their skin. Basically put, light skinned Africans get treated better than darker skinned Africans. It’s fair to say everyone has seen this or experienced it in some way. I feel like this will make for an mind orgasmic intellectual conversation.

“They say black is beautiful,
Ask them beautiful light girls if it’s black that they attract to” – Wale

I learn from hip hop and this track by Wale came to me when I saw the definition of colourism. I find that it’s unfair for light skinned people to get better treatment based on their skin tone. At the same time, being dark should not disadvantage you from anything. I guess it’s the same forΒ caucasians – the more tanned their skin, the more attractive they are deemed to be. Aren’t we all human at the end of the day?

“I teach em’ that his skin black like oil that’s for royalty” – J Cole

Attraction is down to preference – some people like light skinned people whilst others prefer a more darker tone. They cannot be faulted for their preference. We all have preferences, but their reasoning can be questioned. Top of mind is “beautiful babies”. Every baby is beautiful. If you want to have children so that you can name them a colour and a plant just to turn them into Instagram models, then you may need to reassess your life choices. There is more to life than social media likes. Raise a game changer not an Instagram baby. Their success is based on an unsustainable model.

“Black is beautiful
Be black and proud
Fuck everybody hatin’ on me right now, I’m black and proud” – Logic


The media has always had the biggest influence on our daily lives. We are made to believe a certain way is the only way. Music videos show light skinned women dancing in the video. I find it hard to believe that they are the only ones that auditioned to be in the video. Pretty is pretty, gorgeous is gorgeous. Being a particular skin tone cannot make you prettier therefore you get to be in music videos. Aren’t people looking for attractive women to portray a certain lifestyle?

“I’m African-American, I’m African
I’m black as the moon, heritage of a small village” – Kendrick Lamar

(Can’t seem to find the link for The Blacker The Berry)

Light skinned Africans get better service – why? Because you treat them better they will tip you more? Broke is broke. A low bank balance does not discriminate and if you think serving them will bring you good fortunes, you will be greatly shocked to find that they are just as human as you.

Dark skinned Africans are not your type – cool. No need to bring them down or make them feel less human. People’s beauty is more than just the tone of their skin. It’s a combination of a lot of things and you should not be looking for a trophy or someone to take amazing pictures with. When you find you’re incompatible, that’s time you would have lost.

Learn to love yourself in your entirety. Your flaws are the most beautiful part of you. You are dark skinned and you aren’t treated well? Love yourself. You are light skinned and you get treated like royalty? Love yourself. You are flawed just as the person you wrote this and just like everyone around you. Treat people all the same – be an a**hole or be good consistently. The tone of someone’s skin does not warrant different treatment. We all deserve happiness. Spread peace, love and positivity!


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