Take a Walk With Harare

Something you need to do is to take the time to walk around Harare. The capital city is not the largest city in Africa but there are qualities of it that you will love. Harare is capable of surprising you with its hidden gems and exquisite beauty. Like all things we encounter, the beauty lies deeper than what you see on the surface. Take a walk with Harare and let the city show you all the things that make it the sunshine city.

Harare has a lot of elements to it and taking a walk in the heart of the capital would be the perfect place to start. Having a set path will determine the path for you, meaning you are guided to see certain aspects of the city. In this case, there are two points which will be your starting and end points. What happens inbetween, is up to your ability to explore and be adventurous. The two points are Greenwood Park and Harare Gardens. All roads will lead to the end point, the path you take will be guided by Harare. Take a walk with Harare.

It does get hot in Harare so taking your walk in the afternoon would be advised. That way as the sun sets, you can catch the sun nestle into the horizon through the trees of the park. The trees that surround the parks have a photogenic lust about them when the sun is setting behind them. Catch their good side when you finish your walk with Harare. Make sure to stay hydrated throughout the day. The African sun beats down hard in summer. You will be able to find vendors along your walk that will be selling water and other beverages.

There are a lot of things to look out for during your walk. Top of the list – the people. Chat to a local and take the time to hear their story. Engage with them and you will hear stories that you may make you fall in love. Each person with their unique story, it makes for a great and authentic experience of Harare. Great conversations happen over a beverage of some sort. Should the locals be sharing a Chibuku Super, get yourself one and become part of the circle. Should tea be the drink of choice, enjoy a cup of Zimbabwe’s finest blend – Tanganda Tea.

A must have meal is sadza. A traditional staple that is common amoungst everyone in Harare. It’s affordable and filling. Having sadza with a stew of your choice may make you drowsy so it’s best you take a walk after satisfying your hunger with this meal. You will find many establishments around the city that serve sadza. To find quality sadza, you will not find it on an app or Google. Ask a local! Everyone has their spot making this one of Harare’s hidden gems.

Have your camera ready. Street art and sculptures are all around the city. The best craftsman can be found in Harare and feel free to purchase something for your home. From small ornaments to carry with or large ones to make your home or garden loud, there is a little something for your home. The tallest building in Zimbabwe is in Harare, an internationally award winning building can also be found in Harare, plus structures built to commemorate past wars and unity are scattered around the city.

Take a walk with Harare, get lost in Harare, feel Harare and admire the surprising beauty of the sunshine city. The city is best experienced when you walk through it so as to take in all the moments that make the city gorgeous. When you visit Harare, take the time to get to know the city.


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