Take a Break in the Park

This blog was first published onΒ Afrikan Mbiu on 24 April 2016.

Harare boasts some unique spots that are perfect for lunch during the week, a morning jog or space for the children to run around. The open air environment allows for you to enjoy the moment and take in the freshness of the air. No micro-managing boss, no stress, just you and your thoughts. Freedom! Should you lunch with colleagues or be on a date, parks in Harare provide the perfect environment.

Harare has 3 parks in the CBD:

  • Harare Gardens – the largest of the three and it hosts the Harare International Festival of the Arts. But it is most famous for the “Harare Gardens pose”. Ask anyone from Harare and they will demonstrate their version of the “Harare Gardens pose”.
  • African Unity Square – built in commemoration of the unity of the African states. This park makes for the most romantic location for a lunch date during work hours. Get her some flowers on your way out from the vendors there. You can thank me later.
  • Greenwood Park – located on the edge of the CBD, this park holds the most childhood memories of the three. With an amusement park for children, this park has created the most memories for everyone that has grown up in Harare. Go and create your own.

The parks are great places to go relax, take a moment before you continue with your day. The parks located throughout the city allowing for you to walk to each of them should you wish to walk through Harare. They are beautiful, tranquil and blissful!

Pick a park and have a blissful day.


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