Zimbabwe’s 3 Picturesque Outfits

Zimbabwe is a fashionable country with outfits that causes jaws to drop, stop traffic and be glamorous at any occasion. Depending on the occasion, Zimbabwe is able to put together elements that will stun the occasion. Marvel in the beauty of the country when it steps out and mesmerises you with its natural beauty.

Victoria Falls

A member of the Original 7 Natural World Wonders, Victoria Falls is the epitome of elegance. The largest waterfall in the world has elegance gushing out of it throughout the year. When you get close to the Falls, Zimbabwe allows you to feel the outfit. Feel the natural material of the Falls as they caress your face – soft, elegant and heavenly. Take a helicopter ride to get an aerial view and marvel over the different angles the Falls make Zimbabwe shine. Go white water rafting to be caught in the Falls wake.

Victoria Falls is easily accessible. With an airport that has been recently revamped and able to accommodate more flights, the town welcomes you to its streets for the ultimate holiday experience. Stay with Victoria Falls and be serenaded to sleep with the sound of the falls harmonising every evening. From any point of the city, you will be able to hear the Falls and the sound is as majestic as the sight.

Chinhoyi Caves

The limestone caves are unique to Zimbabwe and if you love exploring, dive deeper to experience the elaborate style of the caves. The mix of colours transcend into each other seamlessly making for a natural gradient that flirts with the eye. Venture through the Caves as the path leads you deeper underground where you get to see more of the colour transition. The pool is deep and this has attracted people to dive into the pool from the top of the cave.

Located a few minutes outside the town of Chinhoyi, Chinhoyi Caves are accessible by road. A few hours outside of Harare, you can spend the day at the Caves. The road trip is worth it and one you should take with friends and family. A family friendly attraction nestled in Zimbabwe, the Caves make for a spectacle that will excite you and even more, your memories. Experience the stunningly beautiful Chinhoyi Caves when you visit Zimbabwe.

Chimanimani Mountains

The amazing thing about natural beauty is that many colours can be brought together to form a look that is gorgeous. The luscious green of the trees with a touch of grey of the rocks seem to combine to give glamour a new face. Hike up the mountain range and have an experience of peace and tranquility. Along the paths there are pools where you can cool off from your hike, caves to take a nap in and stunning views that will make you stare and be unapologetic about it.

The Chimanimani Mountains form the eastern highlands of Zimbabwe and they form the border between Zimbabwe and Mozambique. The mountain range stretches across a third of the border but there is no need to hike across the entire range. Rather you go up as opposed to going across. How else will you better enjoy the views?

Zimbabwe woke up like this.

These are natural features around Zimbabwe that should be on your bucket list. Visit Zimbabwe and see how gorgeous these places are. They are easy to access and they make for perfect destinations when taking a road trip.


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