When Will Things Change?

I saw a tweet recently that read “Thank you for my free trial for adulting. I will not be purchasing the service and I would like to decline effective immediately”. Not verbatim but it’s Twitter, my version is just as good as the real one. But nonetheless, adulting is extremely difficult and it’s great to see that I’m not alone. A lot of people don’t have it together whilst others are living their best lives. Which is great! I’m happy seeing my people getting what they worked for and are thriving in their successes. But for me, when will things change?

“I see [people] flaunt, I wanna flaunt too” – J Cole

I would like to think the 22 year old me had a plan and looking back over the years, would he be proud of the path I’ve taken? I can say that his heart was set out to be in Cape Town, doing epic sh*t. Being in his final year of undergrad, he definitely was on a mission of getting things done. Continuing his part time job to save up for postgrad, the sleepless nights fueled by determination and motivation to get a degree and to begin the path to success. The 22 year old me asked himself – “When will things change?” His response, change happens today.

“Ambition is priceless that’s something that’s in your veins” – Rick Ross

Fast forward a few years and things seemed to have blown up and in a big way. My victories were small but in a way, my name was going global. I didn’t understand the power of a magazine masthead until I saw my name in print. It blew my mind! From mastheads I graduated to the cover with a few pictures in the publication. I wish you knew how ground shattering this was for me. Till this day, I’m humbled! And to put the icing on the cake, I was in an ad at the back of a bus that went around Cape Town. Say wHaT? I’m on the back of a bus? Only to blow up and do an amazing job at the world’s most beautiful marathon. Yo! I was only going up.

“And you spit and people are feeling your sh*t,
This is your moment and every single minute you spend trying to hold onto it,
‘cause you may never get it again” – Eminem

I look back at all of that and wonder what could I have been. I had to leave as things weren’t working out. No worries! Who says I can’t keep doing the epic sh*t I was doing? I came back and realised there are forces greater than I am and they say I can’t do what I was doing. I found myself asking when will things change? Like the 22yr old me, I had to make change happen today.

“So I never believed the type of performance that I could do,
I wasn’t jealous coz of the talents they got,
I was terrified they’ll be the last black boys to fly..” – Kendrick Lamar

The hardest thing I’ve had to do is attempting to put my country on the map. There are days I feel this country doesn’t want to be saved. Steps taken forward towards progression are easily erased within an instant. News headlines scorch the work done like a blazing fire, incinerating all the progress that was made. It makes it hard, it really does and I find people being content or loyal to a non-progressive cause being common practice. Things have got to change.

“I had a convo with my soul I asked it ‘When will this shit change?’
It said boy ‘Just use them pen skills’
And so I write this for my [people] on the corner
Love you cause you my brother so I feel I got to warn ya
This sh*t ain’t set up for a young brother to advance
On that note, you [people] playing right into their hands
Damn, better get yourself some goals, you [people] better dream
I know the hood raised you but there’s bigger better things” – J Cole

So I commend you all for trying to make things change. It all starts with you – the entrepreneurs, the game changers, the start-ups and the first time politicians. You’re taking steps in the right direction and change needs to happen today. I’m trying to put our country back on the map and seeing other people’s stories of their successes continues to fuel the cause. I will put my country back on the map, one blog at a time.


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