Why I’m Doing #30DayAfriBlogger?

Uuummmmm! Who doesn’t like a good challenge? Bleh! To be honest, my blog was dying. Posts were separated by months and it honestly felt like I was the network exec at BBC – releasing seasons of Sherlock every two years. It was bad! Unlike Sherlock, I didn’t have a million people following my blog. So when I vanished, my readership vanished too. So basically, I took on the challenge to revive my blog.

I was approached by a fellow blogger to take on the challenge. Well, what really happened was that a WhatsApp group was created by Fitness Bae and Thembi asked if I wanted to be in it. Due to my work schedule I didn’t reply or give consent. I get back online wondering why the flying f*** WhatsApp is blowing up. I see a new group chat, I dive in to see if it’s worth being in or deleting. Not a fan of these groups that I get thrown in without consent and I know you feel me. I’m grateful to have been forced into the group so here we are.

There are set themes and they are guidelines. If you’re following #30DayAfriBlogger on social media you’ll find that people are writing about the same thing but in their own way. This group has creative people in it and I appreciate them. Shout out to all the bloggers. There are people from the US, Nigeria, South Africa, Zimbabwe and a few telephone codes that I’m unfamiliar with. A diverse group of people coming together to take on the challenge. It’s really awesome!

What stuck out to me the most was the opportunity to write African stories. You look online and most blogs come from people from the US, UK, Australia and so forth. They’re great to see but where are the Africans at? This opportunity, I have taken with both hands. No one tells stories better than the people that live the stories. I really do want to put my country on the map. I really want Africa to continue to blossom. I really want the internet to have more African stories. That can’t happen unless I start typing. So I started typing.

Like my first blog, I embrace the #30DayAfriBlogger challenge and I hope you enjoy reading as much as I going to enjoy writing.

My goals are still the same:

  • To be a top travel blogger in Zimbabwe
  • To evolve and become a travel writer (my first article was for fastjet’s inflight magazine on pages 24 & 25)
  • To continue telling African stories
  • To put Zimbabwe back on the map
  • To connect with other writers and collaborate on sharing African stories
  • To be a leader on travel in Zimbabwe on Instagram, Twitter and online
  • To survive the 30 day blog challenge
  • To make September 2017 the month Africa speaks
  • To be invited to travel bloggers conferences (current target is Tourism Indaba in Durban)

“You were inspired by the world, allow the world to be inspired by your sh*t” – J Cole


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