First Date Ideas in and around Harare

Do people still go on dates? Engaging with people of my generation the word “date” seems to have died or is never used. I understand that situationships are more common than power cuts in Africa but dating still happens.. Right? I would like to believe people still go on dates, fall in love and enjoy spending time with each other in public. Courting exists and should you wish to court someone you feel a particular way about, here is what you can do in Harare.

Wine and Dine

The classic move still works. There are multiple restaurants in Harare that guarantee this classic will be effective. Restaurants like Pariah State, Newscafe, Chop Chop Grill and Amanzi are some of the locations you can take them out to. Look out for the Zimgold Restaurant Week where you can have two or three course meals at affordable prices. The next one is from 25 October to 4 November. You have time to set up the ground work.

Kingfisher Park

Switch it up and have a date at Kingfisher Park. One of my top spots in Harare, you can bring your date to one of the most tranquil and relaxed places giving you the opportunity to picnic. Another idea is taking a walk around the park. No waiters to disturb you with questions that will only raise your bill, minimal chance of bumping into someone that will ruin your date and most importantly, it will be you and them, enjoying each other’s company.

Long Chen Plaza

Looking to find out how much fun they are? There’s an arcade at Long Chen Plaza where you can play arcade games that you used to play growing up. Dance the day away or shoot hoops beating each other’s scores. Break for lunch at one of the many restaurants around the mall then take a walk around the shops to get to know each other. Bring the kid out of you and share your goofy side at Long Chen Plaza.


This is out the box but the benefits are amazing. You get to be active, you are in the open air and you get to embrace the time you have together. Hike in the Zimbabwean outdoors and enjoy the breath-taking views of the Zimbabwean countryside. Engage with your date and find out more about them as you hike up the rocky features of the kopjes. Remember to carry lots of water with you. The African sun beats down hard.

Day Trips

There are a few establishments nestled outside of Harare where you can spend the day with your date. Start the date with a drive to the destination and get to know each other a little before you partake in the day’s activity. Activities vary depending on the venue and they do have breaks for lunch and tea should you choose the package. Enjoy a day of fun filled activities with lots of laughs and everlasting experiences.


Another classic. Harare has world class facilities that allows you the opportunity to watch the latest movies. There is a wide variety of movies to choose from giving you a little something to set the mood right. Pick a movie that will be enjoyed by the both of you and not just one person. So know your date a little more before you suggest a movie. You wouldn’t want to stereotype and suggest a rom com. Some people aren’t fans of that genre anymore.


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