Who Still Has a Career?

Seriously, are you working on your career or do you have a job? Growing up as infants we used to imagine the world we would love to live in. A world that was ours, doing what we wanted to do. Being a princess, a fireman, an astronaut and so forth. As kids, we wanted to take a particular path and fulfill our childhood fantasies. Some people go ahead and take the path allowing them to pursue the career of their choice. Whilst the majority don’t get that satisfaction. What happened to living our dreams?

Education is important and no one can ever tell you otherwise. Each day is a learning lesson and there are things that need to be learnt giving you the tools to better tomorrow. So we go to school and get educated. From school we go into tertiary education to further our knowledge. We graduate and start our careers. There are so many occupations out there but when you apply you find that you are under qualified. A degree isn’t enough so you further your education and then you’re told you’re overqualified. What the f***? Then you meet bills and bills is always here to collect. Career or not, bills needs to be satisfied so you do what you have to satisfy bills.

You get a job to pay bills and to pass the time until you can start on your career. The job phase is always the hardest part. It seems like it’s never ending and your career is pushed back along with your dreams. You continuously try to get your career started and it gets to a point where you need to make “that decision”. The era we live in are extremely difficult. Bills is constantly knocking on your door. Bills ain’t going anywhere. You’re part of the working class now and bills became the friend you never liked but can never get rid of. Bills ain’t about that life!

“That decision” is tough but a decision needs to be made and I say take it. One of the things you never want to do is look back and say what if. Time waits for no man. An opportunity comes and it’s part of the plan, stick to the plan. Bills won’t leave you, be upset with you or praise you for making certain decisions in life, bills will knock on your door either way. You want a career, you have to make that decision. Look back and remember the point in your life you decided to take a certain path. At that cross road you set out to achieve something and here you are, at the point where a decision needs to be made for you to achieve what you set out to achieve.

Everything happens in its own time. You may not have the career you want because of your current job, take your time. Make the right decisions towards your career and you’ll get there. The job will pass but whatever you do, do not forget the plan. You invested time, the most valuable resource on earth, into your plan. Don’t let it fall to the weigh side. Here’s a snippet of a reading that I heard:

“Everything happens in its own time.. Obama retires in his 50s. Trump begins his presidency in his 70s.. You’re running your own race.”


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