Top 3 Road Trips I Need To Do

I’ve ever been on one road trip in my life and it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. After high school, a couple of friends and I hit the road and headed to Victoria Falls. The memories I will cherish forever. From seeing the Falls, white-water rafting and the funniest moment was doing the bungee-jump. I watch the videos today (not in HD which makes it even more moving) and I still crack up. That’s what life is about – doing a road trip and creating memories. With road tripping on my mind, here are drives that I need to do

The Garden Route – South Africa

It’s one of the most amazingly, beautiful routes in Africa. It stretches across the coastline of South Africa and from what I’ve heard, it’s something one has to do when they’re in South Africa. Having lived in Cape Town for a couple of years, I really am hurt that I did not take the trip. Take a drive along the coastline, seeing the sights, taking in the ocean air and getting the opportunity to see whales in Hermanus, plus South Africa’s fauna. It sounds like the most beautiful thing I need to do.

Eastern Zimbabwe

Starting from Mutare and driving down towards Bulawayo, I feel like there is a lot to experience on the eastern side of Zimbabwe. There is high praise for the Manicaland area and I can see why. In Zimbabwe, the best views are on this side of the country hence why a drive is necessary. With the Eastern Highlands as my guide, cruising down the route is on my bucket list. With occasional stops to go up the mountain range, I feel like my soul will be blessed.

The River Nile

In its entirety. Starting from the mouth and driving down is an experience I would like to venture on. The longest river in Africa, I feel like there will be multiple worlds I will encounter. Come to think of it, it doesn’t have to be done on the road. I would gladly take a boat and travel down the Nile. At least there won’t be traffic. Having never been in desert conditions, sharing the space with crocodiles and being on a cruise, I need to take a trip down the River Nile.

For me, the journey is the best part about travelling. It’s not the destination. The journey creates the best memories. Think about it for a second. Your funniest memories or the best stories you tell are mostly from the journey. Flying is great but you don’t really get to take in the journey. You don’t get to stop to take a picture of something that caught your eye. The wing-of-the-plane-above-the-clouds photo is tired. Switch up it!

Will you come with me?


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