When are you free?

This is me catching up as I’m a couple of blogs behind on the #30DayAfriBlogger challenge. I hope you have been following the #. There are talented writers mixed with first timers and it has been quite the adventure partaking in this. September is coming to an end which is a shame. It has been a fun and challenging ride but hey, there are a few days to go so the writing must continue.

This is off-topic but it’s a question that had me thinking – when are you free?

First of all, what does “being free” mean to you? This is an important question to ask ourselves because I feel like we are in a time when “we are all free” only to find that we are actually imprisoned. We may not see it – the illusion of freedom – but we are living in an era that was fought for. And we should be enjoying the results of those that fought for us and we ought to be doing what we want to do.

But are we truly free?

I look around and I see the craziest things happening in the world. An NFL player took a stand last year against social injustice. Initially I thought he was crazy. To sit/take a knee during the national anthem was absolute insanity (globalisation and Michael Bay movies clearly brainwashed me deep). But when I watched his post-match interview and heard why he did it, I stood by him.  A year later he is unemployed! Not because he wasn’t good enough (he is actually an outstanding player). But because he chose not to stand whilst people were being treated unfairly. This past week, the president has called for NFL owners to fire those that take a stand. In a country that is allowed to express their views freely (a constant reminder in every second movie/TV show) a person loses his job and the president calls for others to be fired too. Really? America, are you being for real?

They fought for our freedom but are we free today?

History is amazing. You can learn a lot from what happened in the past but living in the information age, you find that history was written by the victor. The bible, history books, documentaries, teachings, the news and so forth. All written and told by man. You only hear one side of the story and when the other starts to creep up, the initial story you heard is now “accommodating”. Should you try challenge the status quo you are met with resistance and occasionally violence. How are we free if you are imprisoning us from the freedom you fought for? If anything, you toppled the prison guards only to replace them with yourselves. The oppressed has become the oppressor.

When are you free?

With all this and other forms of prisons around us, it’s difficult to be free. You sneeze the wrong way, you are punished. You protest peacefully in the streets you are met with tear gas and riot police. I believe for you, for us, to be free we must be free in our minds. Your current situation does not have to be the same tomorrow. There is no need for you to be chained in your mind and you should not let anyone take that from you. Be free and once you are, watch the world be your playground as opposed to the four walls you think you are in.


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