Hitting the road to Kariba

The latest road trip took me to Kariba, a place I had never been. And on this trip, I wasn’t the driver. Not something I was comfortable with but for this trip, it was allowed. The destination – a house boat on Lake Kariba. From the road to the lake, it was one of the best experiences of 2017.

The journey started early, before the crack of dawn. Realising that I wasn’t driving, the best course of action was not to sleep until I was in the car and on the road. The trip was with a friend and his family and there were a few vehicles going to Kariba. Backseat driving is where it’s at. There is no pressure of the aux cable or keeping the driver entertained throughout the journey.

I never was one to sleep on the journey as a kid. I always felt like I would miss something spectacular along the way. Many trips I had taken on the road, I had never slept. I was a curious little menace growing up. I felt like there was always something to see, something worth remembering and I had to stay awake to see it. Also, it helped me years later when I had to start making the same trips myself. My memory guided me to my destination and back home.

Fast forward a decade or two and I am knocked out and drooling on myself at the backseat. My adolescent self would have been greatly disappointed in me. How did I get so old? Nonetheless there were moments I was awake and looked at what beauty Zimbabwe had to offer. There were interesting sights along the way and I could take the time to take them in. At the odd sight, unfortunately I couldn’t stop the vehicle to capture the moment but I have noted the sights. A road trip of my own is due.

The journey back I managed to stay awake. I needed to confirm the sights I had seen before and any other I may have missed. The mountainous area leaving Kariba was therapeutic! It’s odd to say but the valley had an essence of untapped land which would make great for exploring. With multiple hills in the area, it would make perfect for the adventurous fiends and rock climbers. But carry a lot of fluids. The temperatures in the area get really high.

Chinhoyi Caves was the highlight of the trip. Unfortunately time was against us going to and from Kariba, meaning we were unable to stop and take a moment to see one of Zimbabwe’s gems. No need to worry, a road trip is on the cards and this time, I won’t take the wrong turn.

Zimbabwe has elements that are unknown and travelling to them is a must. The country is small so taking road trips is strongly recommended. There are many towns along the way with a small gem that you will cherish. Unlock the gems when you road trip in Zimbabwe.


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