Day Trip to the East of Zimbabwe

I got a message from a good friend asking if I was up for a road trip to the east of Zimbabwe. In all my excitement he didn’t have to convince me. I was more than keen on accompanying him to Troutbeck, a popular tourist destination in Zimbabwe. Making a trip to the east was always on the cards for me, I just didn’t imagine it could be a day trip.

Having embarked on a  few road trips before from Beitbridge to Harare, and another to Kariba and back, a trip to the east was extremely attractive. I was dressed in shorts, a t-shirt and shoes but I was advised to grab a hoodie or a jersey. I was baffled! I know the eastern highlands can be cold but I was in summer mode. I refused to believe it could get that cold. So I kept my shorts but grabbed a jersey.

Just in case.

It was an eye-opening trip. It had been years since I was in these areas and I was curious with every inch of the journey. To summarise the trip – it was lushly green. One would think we were no longer in Zimbabwe. Forests are common on this side of the country, making the sea of green stretch deep into the horizon. It was easy to get lost in.

The eastern highlands were as I expected – green. An endless sight of green with different shades of the colour dotted on the canvas. Coming from the concrete jungle of grey, being consumed by green had a therapeutic feel to it. The road would wind against every hill as we made our way through the hilltops on a gentle climb. With each climb we made, the air felt fresher and intoxicating with bliss. I was high!

We drove past Troutbeck Resort and like all luxury resorts, it looked gorgeous. The villas overlooked the lake and from the distance, I could sense the peace and tranquility oozing out of the resort. Other sites included the farms and estates people had established in the area. They were all remarkable to see. To sum up this area – views! From buildings stacked next to each other to pockets of forests, from the grey of the city to the green of nature, from the depth of the various alley ways to the sunken valleys, the east of Zimbabwe was intoxicating!

The views were seductive. Every curve taken along the hills, the view would put me in a trance. There are hills in the background with a small town or farms nestled in-between the hills. It was mesmerising to see and when you take the trip, an occasional stop is strongly advised. Take a moment to admire the beauty of Zimbabwe plus inhale deeply to be high of the eastern highlands. Experience bliss!

The protea is in full bloom in eastern Zimbabwe

We arrived at our destination and I was given a brief tour. I couldn’t help but look deeper into the seductive views. Zimbabwe borders Mozambique in this area and I was told, in the distance, was the Portuguese speaking nation. A beautiful exit is met with a gorgeous entrance. This may be the most attractive border Zimbabwe has without a natural world wonder.

We took a walk with a local into the valley to get deeper into the high of the views, and we found ourselves at the edge of heaven. We found a patch that would allow for a 270 degree view of fantastic views. At this patch we were met by proteas, a flower common in South Africa and they grew gracefully in the valleys of eastern Zimbabwe. In the midst of the green of the land and the spots of grey of the rocks, the protea could not be more profound and more gorgeous. Once again, I got to see how surprisingly beautiful Zimbabwe is.

Marvel over the eastern highlands of Zimbabwe by taking a day trip to the area. There are establishments that allow for people to stay in the beautiful area and the newly erected zip line that is the highest in Africa can be found here. The zip line is next on my list and I’m excited to be a tourist in my own country.



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