6 Tips for a Road Trip in Zimbabwe

Love the RV? Never been in one but I can imagine how awesome the road trip would be in one.


Hitting the road has been something exciting for the longest time and it happens in every country. You gather up your friends, pick a destination and go on your way for the day or for the weekend. It’s always exciting as the trip allows you to create memories. Here are 6 things you will need to hit the road in Zimbabwe:

One. A car and a designated driver

I know how it sounds but this is crucial. A road trip isn’t a road trip without a car. I’ve tried switching it up using a train in Cape Town and a bus here in Zimbabwe, the freedom a car gives is remarkable. It may be costly in terms of fuel but work that into your budget. You would rather be in control than be at the mercy of a schedule. And on a bus or a train, you can still get lost. Yes! It’s happened to me… twice!

As for the designated driver, you need an experienced driver and it’s important that you have one behind the wheel. Sections of the roads are uneven or narrow, plus there are large vehicles taking up majority of the road. Not to forget slow moving vehicles or kombis. It’s safe to use the road but an experienced driver will be able to handle the various situations that you may come across. If you are not an experienced driver, I suggest you do not take the wheel.

Two. Map or Google Maps

Unfortunately a lot of the roads in Zimbabwe are not named and ironically, Google Maps can be lacking in accuracy. But with Google Maps the destination will be easy to find however, do not fully rely on road signs. If you going to an establishment, make sure to know the address as well so when you get into the town or city, you may ask for more accurate directions. Use more than one method to get to your destination.

Three. Shorts

Especially in summer! In as much as people may know the destination more than you, summer is summer. You wanna rock shorts, you travel in shorts. And carry a jersey just in case I may be wrong. And at your stops you may do a lot of walking around before you hit the road again. Feel the cool African breeze on your legs. It’s actually relaxing and soothing especially when you’ve been on the road for so long.

Four. Fluids

It can get hot in Zimbabwe (plus 30 degrees) and there’s so much the aircon can do for you whilst you’re on the road. And if you are in good company, you could find yourself singing word for word to Kendrick Lamar’s Good Kid MAAd City or talking a lot. In the heat, you will need to be hydrated. There are parts of Zimbabwe that are extremely hot and keeping cool is necessary.

Five. Cash

Zimbabwe is currently operating as a cash society. There are movements towards a cashless way of doing things but you can never know what may happen when you need to buy something. The system may be down, no signal or the power is out. Travel with cash as an emergency. It may not be to buy something but it may be to pay someone for their good nature should you need the assistance of a local.

Six. Childlike curiousity

Zimbabwe is surprisingly beautiful regardless of the direction you are heading. Open your eyes and look out to as far as you can see. There is a lot to take in and there is plenty of unexplored areas for you to take note of and visit at a later stage. Should it be a day trip or a weekend away, there are towns or attractions along the way which you must visit to create memories at. Zimbabwe is surprisingly beautiful, you simply have to open your eyes to see it.

It’s always an adventure when on the road in Zimbabwe and I would like for you to enjoy it in this surprisingly beautiful country. Where will you be travelling to in Zimbabwe?


3 thoughts on “6 Tips for a Road Trip in Zimbabwe

  1. Great article, thanks for the tips! Indeed, as one of the premier safari and adventure destinations of the world, a trip to Zimbabwe is one not to be missed. However, crime is rife here. Although not targeted at tourists, it still pays to be careful: http://travelscams.org/africa/common-tourist-scams-zimbabwe/

    Do be wary of pickpockets, snatch thefts, street touts, carjacking, highway robberies, corrupt traffic police, currency exchange scams, card skimmers and more!

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