17 Viewpoints of Victoria Falls

The natural world wonder can be viewed from both Zimbabwe and Zambia as the two nations have, nestled between them, one of the most beautiful attractions in the world. Victoria Falls stretches across the African canvas making it the largest waterfall in the world. The smoke that thunders has multiple viewpoints for people to marvel over its beauty. There is a fee to enter the area, $7 for locals, $20 for regional travellers and $30 for international travellers. A small fee to pay for the majestic feature on the other side. Here are 17 points you need to see, hear and feel:


I got extremely excited and went to the very beginning of the fenced off area. At the junction, I turned left and walked down until I came to the fence. It was where I started.
Main attraction – the Zambezi River
In its vast nature, the river flowed and I could hear the might of the river as it ventured to Victoria Falls. It’s difficult to see across the river however there are islands dotted in the river.


The starting point of Victoria Falls. Erected here is a statue of David Livingstone gazing into the heart of Victoria Falls. The statue was to honour the centenary anniversary of the discovery of Victoria Falls.
Main attraction – hearing the waterfall
Unfortunately, on the Zimbabwean side I couldn’t get into the river however, at this point is the closet I got to the Falls. The Zambezi River enters the Falls and I could hear the roar of the smoke that thunders.

Statue of David Livingstone
Statue of David Livingstone to mark the 100 year anniversary of the discovery of Victoria Falls

 #2 38 STEPS

A staircase goes down giving a rare experience of Victoria Falls. I strongly recommend you have a raincoat with you (available across the road from the entrance). An umbrella serves no purpose here.
Main attraction – getting wet
Taking the steps down meant I got to feel the Falls. The spray (loosely known as smoke) filled the atmosphere coupled with the raw power of the waterfall made for a fantastic feeling. Warning, the steps are slippery so be very careful.

#2 38 Steps
Trying to look through Victoria Falls only to see smoke


Here, you get the perfect angle of the first falls and the most powerful singular bit of Victoria Falls. Why I say this is because of the roar of the Falls. It’s raw, wild and powerful. It’s majestic to hear.
Main attraction – Devil’s Cataract
I was taken aback hearing the waterfall at this point. Victoria Falls has the name “mosi-oa-tunya” which means “the smoke that thunders” and it is here I fully felt the definition of the name.

#3 Devil's Cataract
Panoramic shot of Victoria Falls from Devil’s Cataract


#Views Victoria Falls begins to expose its natural beauty as it stretches across your line of sight. At this point, the view is much clearer but it does get wet here.
Main attraction – the view
Devil’s Cataract is on the left with Cataract Island on the right and Victoria Falls in the background making the perfect photo bomb. It’s also the best spot to take a selfie.

Point #4
Took a moment to take a selfie with the Devil’s Cataract


At this point, the smoke makes its presence felt which hides Victoria Falls. The smoke makes it difficult to sneak a peek at the falls so you have to look to the far left or right to catch a glimpse.
Main attraction – the bench
There are benches situated throughout the path. I took a moment and sat down to take in the atmosphere I was in. Absolute bliss!

Point #5
Absorbing the moment


The heart of Victoria Falls edges closer, the smoke continues to thunder and if you are still dry, good on you. Probably not your shoes but again, it’s a small price to pay.
Main attraction – the edge of the smile
Like a dimple at the end of a smile, Point 6 is where I saw the beginning of the gorgeous Victoria Falls. And when I see dimples, I cannot help but smile back. I found myself smiling foolishly at Victoria Falls and I was okay with it.

Point #6
The dimple of Victoria Falls’ smile


There is an island in between you and Victoria Falls. In its isolation, it presents an interesting dimension to the Falls which, unfortunately, you are unable to explore.
Main attraction – feeling the smoke
Also at this point I got to feel Victoria Falls. It was difficult to pull out my phone here as the spray enveloped the atmosphere. Nonetheless, I enjoyed getting wet!

#7 Cataract Island
Panoramic shot of Devil’s Cataract, Cataract Island and Victoria Falls (the main falls)


And here it is – Victoria Falls.
Main attraction – Victoria Falls
There are rare moments in my life when I have been left in awe by what I just saw. And at that moment, I could not help but be entranced by Victoria Falls. It was beautiful! I was really drawn in and I think I may have fallen in love.

#8 Main Falls
Victoria Falls – the main falls (93m)


The spray is also strong here making it difficult to take in the moment. If you have embraced the touch of Victoria Falls, you will continue to have an appreciation for the spray.
Main attraction – looking down
Not directly down, I get anxious in moments of great heights. But here, I was able to look down to see the full depth of the falls. It’s difficult to see the river however the rocks below look settled in a gritty ambiance.

Point #9
Across the luscious green vegetation is Victoria Falls


The spray continues to grace the air but the view of Victoria Falls is still marvellous. At this point, you may look up to see how high the spray goes.
Main attraction – looking up
From the town centre, and certain points around the town, I was able to see the smoke in the air. Standing in the smoke, with the curiousity of a kid, I looked up to see how high it went. Majestic!

Point #10
The beautiful Victoria Falls through the smoke


The path leads you closer to the Falls however the closer you get, the stronger Victoria Falls’ hug becomes. The smoke is thick at this point meaning if you have any electronics, you will have to cover them in plastic.
Main attraction – the surrounding vegetation
I took in all aspects of the attraction and I found it fascinating how lusciously green the vegetation was. With a mix of rock and the spray of the water, the vegetation gave a beautiful, natural canvas that I easily fell in love with.

Point #11
All smoke and all thunder


The spray was also strong at this point making it difficult to peer through the smoke to see Livingstone Island. In the non-rainy season, the island will be in full view.
Main Attraction – embracing Victoria Falls
It was difficult to see much so the next best option was to embrace the Falls.

#12 Livingstone Island
More vegetation and a lot more smoke


Victoria Falls is back in full view giving you the opportunity to see the heart of the waterfall. Follow the water as it falls down from the top. Unfortunately you may not be able to see the river at the bottom, however it is still a great moment to take in.
Main attraction – the Falls
After having embraced Victoria Falls on previous occasions, I was glad to see the Falls again. The beautiful smile I longed to see was back.

#13 Horseshoe Falls
Victoria Falls with the haze of the smoke


The highest point of Victoria Falls and also the spray is strong here. WARNING: the path is slippery so are the rocks. Please stay away from the edge, as tempting as it may get to move closer to the edge.
Main attraction – the edge
This area is not protected like the previous points making the edge slightly appealing. I ventured as close as I could but anxiety kicked in. It felt like it was pouring with rain which confirmed my decision to abort my venture.

#14 Rainbow Falls
A slippery area filled with the smoke of Victoria Falls. Tread carefully!


The final viewpoint of Victoria Falls from Zimbabwe and the name is fitting for the area. WARNING: the rocks are extremely slippery and you will need to proceed with caution. It is at this point the gorge begins whilst Victoria Falls extends itself further into Zambia
Main attraction – the gorge
It is at this point where I got the perfect view of the Zambezi River as it cuts through the land forming the Zambezi gorge. Plus there is a spring in the area where a minute river flows forming a waterfall of its own which drops into the gorge.

#15 Danger Point
Another slippery area but if peer behind the rocks and through the smoke, you will catch a glimpse of Victoria Falls


There is no view of Victoria Falls at this point however you can still hear the thunderous roar of the waterfall. At this point, you will get the perfect angle of the Victoria Falls Bridge that joins Zimbabwe to Zambia.
Main attraction – Victoria Falls Bridge
Like all modern man inventions, I could not help but ponder how a bridge was built at this point but not a bridge connecting the two countries in the heart of Victoria Falls. There’s a bench at this viewpoint so I happily took the time. Silver lining – the bridge is an architectural masterpiece.

#17 Victoria Falls Bridge
The Victoria Falls Bridge connects Zimbabwe and Zambia


View Victoria Falls from the air and marvel at one of the most beautiful sights you will ever see in Zimbabwe. Take a helicopter ride to see what Livingstone described as “the view of the angels”.
Main attraction – Victoria Falls
Not only was this the best experience I have ever had at a tourist destination, but it was the most mesmerising angle of Victoria Falls. It was at this viewpoint I knew why Victoria Falls was a member of the original natural world wonders.

#17 The view of angels
The view of angels

Victoria Falls is an amazingly, beautiful attraction which is a must-see when in Zimbabwe. Experience the natural world wonder on the Zambezi River by white water rafting or go for a sunset cruise. Walk with Victoria Falls and embrace the Falls in all its beauty. Then end your experience with taking the view of the angels.



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