Day Trip to the North of Zimbabwe

Remember when the below happened?

Well, it happened again but this time, I wasn’t driving. Here is how a road trip to Mutorashanga Quarry went hilariously wrong.

A couple of friends and I made a plan to hit the road to the north of Zimbabwe. 2017 was a great year for road trips, 2018 started with a road trip so I was already excited for this road trip. The morning started off chaotic with departure being set for 09h00 but we only left at 12h30. Oddly enough, “the best road trip EvEr” became a round trip between Borrowdale and Helensvale in Harare. As in seriously, we had done over 30km, saw some interesting sights, partook in thought provoking conversation, had a couple of beers and ate really well. It was a chaotic start but fun.

Eventually we got on the road and headed north. Along the way, I took it all in as this was my first time heading north. Mazowe caught my eye. With Mazowe Dam on our right, I could see an under rated feature in Zimbabwe’s portfolio. The water stretched across the land and on the bank near us, people were preparing for a day of fishing. I just need a boat and I will be there soon. Mazowe Dam is about 20mins out of Harare.

We didn’t stop to marvel over Mazowe Dam, we had a destination to get to and we were already 3hrs late. We had a rough idea where we were going and a friend had been there before, so we were confident in our adventure. With this confidence, the conversation kicked in. Top notch stuff and very intellectual until we got to Bindura and we felt off-ish.

We missed the turn!

Back on the road we went, maps on various devices were active and determination was in our eyes. We were going to make to Mutorashanga as we had planned to, until this happened:

When we asked the local kids that were playing nearby where to head to, we hit a beeline to Mutorashanga Quarry as the best road trip EvEr was approaching its destination. We arrived and I gotta say, it’s as spectacular as I thought it would be. There were already people on the embankment with a portable speaker and a braai stand making the most of the day. Mutorashanga is a vibe!

A pool created in a quarry, which used to be mine generations ago, had crystal clear and cool water. At Mutorashanga, you’re able to swim and some visitors did not turn down the opportunity to do so. Some people dipped into the water and swam. The attractive feature of this pool are the points where one can dive off. Mutorashanga is the perfect summer destination!

The fun may be on the surface however there is more to Mutorashanga. You just gotta go a little deeper. Scuba diving has been known to happen here where explorers appreciate what is on the surface but they go deeper and deeper into the pool. This is a secondary option to Chinhoyi Caves if you ever feel like going deeper into Zimbabwe’s beauty.

Panaromic shot of Mutorashanga Quarry. Photo by Tendai Sibindi

Mutorashanga is located about 100km north of Harare. Unfortunately public transport cannot take you to this attraction so I strongly recommend a road trip. The place isn’t marked, established or regulated so please travel with friends and family. Not only is your safety important but why should you not share the fun?

Mutorashanga is an isolated area allowing for peace and tranquility. Day trip for a date? Definitely. Need to cool off in summer? Definitely. You enjoy the thrill of diving into natural pools? Definitely. Make a day out of it by travelling to Mutorashanga and try not to get lost. It’s possible!


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