Let’s Colour Harare


And when the sun comes out, it means events and summer body goals. The Zimbabwe Agricultural Show is currently running in Harare and it is a spectacle for businesses and children. It closes the school holidays and simultaneously kick starts the summer. Other events to look forward to are the marathons and this summer, I am going to sign up for a few.

I have picked up a fitness program this summer. Winter was llllloooooonnnnngggggg and things need to change. To start off in a manageable manner, I am going to participate in a couple of fun runs and will consider half marathons in 2019. A healthy well-being is important and after watching Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible: Fallout, age is not an excuse. The man is in his mid 50s and he is at peak fitness. Remarkable!

This Saturday is the Harare Colour Sprint 5k and I signed up. It will be my first fun run and I hope to add more under my belt. The run will be taking place at the Borrowdale Race Course and it’s a 5km run that is the epitome of fun. Open to people of all ages, fitness levels are not important. It’s all about having fun, having a blast and creating epic memories with friends and family, especially if they are kids that have to go back to school. I don’t envy them!

As an adult, it’s a great way to get summer started – work on your health and have fun whilst you do it. From first time runners to seasoned marathon medal collectors, the Harare Colour Sprint will be the most fun you will have to celebrate spring day. Don’t let the word “sprint” put you off. You’re allowed to sprint (only for Tom Cruise), run, jog or walk. It’s important you have fun and share the fun usingΒ  #HarareColourSprint5k. I know I will be pushing before, during and after posts.

When you sign up, you get a Harare Colour Run t-shirt which you can use if you’re afraid of getting any of your designer tees enveloped in colour. A pretty cool headband to wear whilst you’re on the course and a colour pack. The colour pack, I’m still pondering its use but I can dig it. Merchandise on sale include all of the above plus a goodie bag for the active individual and shades. I am a huge fan of the shades. Collect them all!

The day continues with an after party and DJ Rob Macson will be on the decks. The fun doesn’t stop on the course, it continues into the night where you’re rewarded for your efforts during the day. Enjoy the vibe as it gets electric after the sunsets.

Here’s the program of the day:


I’ll see you at the starting line and remember to wear white!


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