Harare in Pictures – Part I

Every city has their element or elements that make it unique from all other cities. Some call it the hidden gem of the city, some say it’s the picture the media will never show you, others claim it’s the beauty in the chaos. I call it the part of town you walk past and fail to take notice. The problem with living in a city for so long is that, we walk past features that show the beauty of the city. The parts of the city that make it unique. You have the common features – Cape Town’s Table Mountain, New York’s Grand Central Park, Paris’ Eiffel Tower – and then you get the hidden gems. All you have to do is be a tourist in your own city for you to find them.

I’ve started walking with my eyes open in search of something in Harare that is commonly missed. I need to do a lot of walking hence why this is Part I of what I hope will be a long, eye opening catalogue of pictures. There will be a mix of common features of Harare and features that I found interesting. On Instagram (follow me @ChroniclesOfTendai) I will post a picture of a quirky and unique feature of Harare on a weekly basis. A part of the Sunshine City that is commonly walked past and not appreciated. Not to forget the common features of Harare.

Below is Part I of Harare in Pictures:

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